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Automation is an essential part of industrial work. Everything from bakeries, meat processing plants and dairy farms to recycling plants, aluminium smelters and sawmills needs safe and easy-to-use machinery that is custom-designed, installed and looked after by a team of experts.

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Our team specialises in industrial automation to the highest standard, from project design, implementation and commissioning, to our on-site maintenance service. We work hard to get your automation right, getting to know your installation really well so we can fix any problems quickly, and we’re available 24/7 for emergency repairs.

Whether you need a new system designed from scratch, or want to expand your existing machinery, we’ll work closely with you to build the solution that works best for your needs – safely, efficiently, and on time.
We love a challenge. If you want to get started on a project, contact us today.

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Industrial Projects

Dairy Farm Industry, New Zealand

In conjunction with New Zealand’s leading mastitis expert Onfarm Solutions, we developed a teat sprayer for dairy sheds to help treat mastitis in cows. Conventional teat sprayers are stationary and spray the treatment solution from a distance towards the cows’ teats, which can result in poor coverage. Our teat sprayer is set on a flexible arm, which travels in between each cow’s legs and sprays the teats directly.

As part of this project, we also developed the sprayer’s control system, which detects if there is a cow present and whether it has finished being milked. If there is no cow in the bale, or it is still being milked, the sprayer does not spray.

Food Equipment Manufacturing

This company specialises in manufacturing food-handling equipment for major food manufacturers, including bread line conveyors, crate packing and washing systems, pie lines, food printers, bread provers, and many more.

We design all of their equipment electrically, including the control system and other aspects such as what sensors are needed where. We draw up all required electrical drawings, and wire and program the machines, including the control touch screens. After ensuring the machines work to specification, we disassemble them and install and commission them on-site in Australia.

Bakery, Australia

For this major bread bakery, we installed machinery to get the bread ready for transporting to supermarkets and shops. This involved a conveyor line of 24 conveyors with sorting functions, to move bread from the coolers to the slicers, and then onto the baggers. After the baggers, we installed bread loaders that load the bagged bread into crates, and then crate loaders which stack the crates properly and to the right height. Finally, we installed dolly loaders, which put two crate stacks onto a wheeled trolley so the bread can be moved and loaded into trucks.

Agents for Phoenix Stretch Wrappers and Pallet Wrap

The Best Stretch Wrapper and Pallet Wrapper Equipment on the Market.

We can sell or lease Semi-Automatic machines for stretch wrapping from 5-50 pallets per day, to fully automatic machines that wrap 20-150 pallets per hour that do not require an operator with high speed operation and consistent wrapping results.

Why should you see Automated Technologies about a Phoenix Wrapper?

  • Phoenix Wrappers are designed with durability in mind
  • They have a very easy to use Operator Interface
  • Variable Speed Controlled Turntable
  • Independent variable speed control of the up/down carriage movement can result in added savings
  • They offer multiple wrapping patterns – up/down, down/up, up only, down only or start from any position
  • Patented Powered Pre-Stretch Film Carriage with 245% pre-stretch allowing for huge savings and superior load containment
  • Pre-Stretch Rollers carry a lifetime warranty
  • Wrappers have automatic pallet height detection
  • Precision roller bearings are used on all rollers
  • The stretch wrapping system has a 5 year warranty
  • There is a lifetime warranty on the pre-stretch compound carriage rollers

Automated Technologies can supply Phoenixwrap 7 layer cast film for your pallet wrapping machine as well as assist with the set-up and maintenance of your pallet wrapper.

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