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Businesses and public buildings

Commercial environments are varied, and so are their needs. Shops, restaurants, office buildings, banks, warehouses, and hotels require services that can range from complete fit-outs of electrical and security systems, to automating the lighting, or simply upgrading data and phone networks.

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At Automated Technologies, we have the right experience to get the job done the way you want it. We offer complete design and installation services for projects of any size or complexity, and we are available 24/7 for maintenance and repair. We maintain high standards of safety and efficiency for every job we do, whether it’s a small office or a multi-storey building, and we organise your power supply with your electricity provider so that you can get on with your business. If needed, we’ll teach your staff how to use your new technology, too.
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Commercial Projects

Phone and Data Upgrade

This Christchurch flooring and carpet shop wanted to upgrade their phone, fax and Internet network. The main boxes had originally been installed under two separate desks in the offices and were prone to being knocked, causing disruptions.

We shifted all the wiring into a new data cabinet and patch panel in the roof space, then reconfigured their phone system and PABX to direct incoming calls to the right desks, adding extra phone lines and Internet connections for staff expansion. We also set up a secure wireless network within the building to help staff access pricing data and enable mobile sales staff to continue their work when they came back to base.

We did this work (including training the staff on how to use the patch panel) after hours, so there would be no downtime during retail hours.

Building Services

When this central heating company was building a new warehouse/office, we wired up their heating system, which included piped-water under-floor heating, ground-source heat pumps, and air conditioning units. We connected these to a Building Management System (BMS) so that the building could be constantly monitored by a computer, keeping the heating at a comfortable temperature automatically.

Upgrade Phone System to VOIP

This uniform and workwear retailer wanted to reduce ongoing costs from their PABX phone system. We decommissioned the PABX and changed their phone and internet system over to VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol), saving them a huge amount of money. We also wired in extra jack points around their building so they could have greater flexibility with where to put phones and computers. Most of this work was done outside of retail hours to avoid disruption to the business.